PLUS: Travis McIntire steps down as Source Point Press Editor, New Something Is Killing The Children story arc, Three Creator Interviews, Kickstarter picks + more.
Plus: Icelandic cartoonist Einar Valur MƔsson sits down with us and Sean Fahey taps into Adventure and Lovecraftian horror in his latest Kickstarter
And why LIFEDEATH should excite you.
And the importance of getting that pitch right!
And why you should support them
As the Apparition Part 2 details the Descent of a Hero!
Soda and Telepaths comic book site to release 18 Story End of the World Themed Anthology
What am I doing here? How does what I do cast a glimmer of relevance to writing within the Pop Culture space? These are all questions Iā€™ve been askingā€¦
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